Updated and Revised Version of The Power of Zero to be Published through Penguin Random House

March 15, 2018

Four years ago I self-published a book called The Power of Zero.  I put it up for sale on Amazon and crossed my fingers.  To my great disbelief, people actually bought the book! Since then The Power of Zero has sold 125,000 copies and has spawned a sequel (Look Before You LIRP), a documentary (release date September, 2018), and a marketing program (pozmarketing.com).

I am honored and humbled to announce that the updated and revised 2018 version of The Power of Zero will be published in September through Penguin Random House (Crown Imprint).  This book will be available on Amazon and at bulk discounts at thepowerozerobook.com.

I strongly believe that having the backing of a major publisher like Penguin Random House lends a sense of legitimacy to the Power of Zero movement and the tax-free paradigm.  This isn’t just some exotic idea that some rogue financial planner cooked up in his garage.  This is a legitimate, mainstream concept that’s been vetted by the largest publishing house in the world.  As a result, the updated and revised version of The Power of Zero will be an even more effective and persuasive tool in getting your clients to the zero percent tax bracket.

The release of the book is intended to coincide with the release of documentary The Power of Zero in early September.  The movie and the book will refer to each other and will serve as a powerful one-two punch in your marketing efforts.

This updated version will include a new Author’s Preface in which I describe how our country’s fiscal landscape has changed for the worst since I first published The Power of Zero in 2014, and why the Trump Tax Cuts will require an even larger tax increase in 2026 and beyond.

It will also include an entirely new chapter that talks about how your clients should interpret the new tax cuts through the prism of the Power of Zero approach.  I describe how we went from an era where we knew that in some vague and distant future taxes were likely to go up, to an era where we now know the year and the day when taxes will go up! Taxes are on sale, and every year that we fail to take advantage of these historically low tax rates is potentially a year on the back end where we’ll have to pay the highest tax rates we’re likely to see in our lifetimes.

I also discuss the 24% tax bracket which I believe is the unheralded sweet spot in the new tax code.  If you aren’t talking with your clients about the 24% tax bracket now, you will after reading this new chapter!

Thanks to all of you who supported this book over this years and helped this dream become a reality.  I couldn’t have done it without you!

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  1. I give your book to my clients. Thanks, Steve

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