In Case You Missed It–Watch Our POZ Digital Marketing Revolution Roll-out Webinar!

May 30, 2017

Yesterday we held a webinar where we rolled out our Power of Zero Digital Marketing Revolution strategy!  Through this revolutionary approach, you only pay for the prospects that show up to your workshop! Gone are the days where you spend thousands in marketing dollars and then WAIT and HOPE that prospects will show up.  PAY and PRAY is over!

If you are interested in utilizing our Power of Zero Marketing Program, this new digital approach has the potential to radically transform your results.  You now have a risk-free alternative to mailing that leverages online resources such as Facebook, Google Ads and LinkedIn to put you in front of a perpetual stream of new prospects.  All with no risk!  If 10 prospects show up, you pay for 10 prospects!  If 20 prospects show up, you pay for 20!  If no one shows up, you owe nothing!

If you average $150,000+ of annual life and annuity commissions and are an independent life or annuity producer, then you’ll want to see this webinar.  The recording can be seen here.


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