Great News! The Power of Zero Marketing Revolution is a #1 Amazon Bestseller!

March 29, 2017

Great news!  Because of your help, our third book in The Power of Zero series, The Power of Zero Marketing Revolution, became a #1 Amazon bestseller during yesterday’s launch.  The response was so overwhelming that we actually hit #1 by noon!  I’m so grateful for all of your support!  Best Seller in Insurance
Here’s the summary of the book from Amazon:

“This third installment in the Power of Zero series was written specifically for independent financial advisors and insurance agents. Do you hate picking up the phone and calling prospects? Would you love to wake up January 1st with your calendar booked a year in advance? What would it be like to achieve Top of the Table production every year without all the angst of traditional marketing approaches?

“In this follow-up to The Power of Zero and Look Before You LIRP, David McKnight lays out the marketing system he’s developed over the last 10 years that has transformed the practices of hundreds of financial advisors across the country.

“If you’re ready for a marketing plan that delivers a consistent and predictable stream of new clients without the heartburn, then you’re ready for the Power of Zero Marketing Revolution! For more information, go to or”

For those of you who have yet to buy a copy, you may do so here!

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