The Antidote to Online IUL Criticism: Look Before You LIRP

October 6, 2016

Did you know that 90% of your clients will research the IUL on the internet before ever placing their policies in force?  Here’s the problem:  much of what they’re going to find will conflict with everything you’ve told them about IUL.  You see, most online financial advice has been written by  “financial gurus” targeting audiences with wildly divergent financial backgrounds.  The result is one size fits all financial planning advice that really gives the IUL short shrift.  Have you thought about how to prepare you client for this onslaught of IUL negativity?

All this online static was one of my primary purposes for writing my latest book:  Look Before You LIRP.  In that book, I dedicate an entire chapter to debunking all the myths your potential clients are likely to see when they venture online.

I also make the case for why the IUL is the best LIRP to help get them to the 0% tax bracket.  There are a lot of obstacles standing between your client and the 0% tax bracket.  The IUL simply helps your client circumnavigate those pitfalls in the most efficient way.  Look Before You LIRP will help you make that case.

So, after filling out an IUL application, why not send your client home with a copy of Look Before You LIRP?  If you’re looking for bulk discounts, get them here.

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