Today We’re Launching “Look Before You LIRP”, Follow-up to “The Power of Zero”

June 14, 2016

I need your help!  Today we’re launching Look Before You LIRP, my follow-up to the #1 Amazon bestseller, The Power of Zero.  My hope is that you’ll buy a copy today and help drive it to #1 on Amazon under “Business & Money”.  You can purchase your copy here.

If you plan on buying more than one copy, please do so under multiple Amazon accounts (perhaps using your wife’s, or your daughter’s or your colleague’s).  No matter how many books you buy, Amazon only counts it as one sale if it comes under the same Amazon account.  So, please use multiple accounts!

Here’s what Ed Slott says on the back cover of the book:

“Life insurance for retirement? Yes! Once again David McKnight shows us how to use what I believe is the single biggest benefit in the tax code – the tax exemption for life insurance – to create the holy grail of retirement planning. The ‘Life Insurance Retirement Plan’ is something every retiree (or soon-to-be retiree) should consider if they don’t want to spend their retirement years worrying about the stock market or Uncle Sam devouring their retirement savings.”

Thank you for all your support.  I’ll keep you updated throughout the day as the book rises up the bestseller’s list!

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